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HK Labor Day Trading Schedule





注:以下是GMT+8 北京時間,以上資訊可能會發生變化,恕不另外通知,一切以交易平臺為准。

*溫馨提示 : 風險警告: 所有金融產品流動性不足和利差利差的風險可能發生在長假當天或之後。我們建議您管理已開設的倉位, 並確保您的帳戶在任何 時候都有足夠的保證金, 本公司可能會強制平倉以防止風險擴大而不作另行通知。 由此給您帶來不便,敬請諒解!感謝您一直以來對FXTIL的支持和肯定。

特此通告 FXTIL客服部 2022年4月29日

HK Labor Day Trading Schedule

Due to the upcoming national holiday HK Labor Day, the following instruments are subject to change.

Please see the table below for the trading schedule.

Noted: The times mentioned above are Beijing time GMT+8. The above schedule may be subject to change without prior notice.

Risk disclosure: Before and after long holidays, there are often a lack of liquidity on all financial instruments.

This may lead to the widening of spreads, potential gapping and creates uncertainty in the markets.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Happy trading,


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